Best Workout for Grappling and MMA

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Recently on Facebook we asked “what is the best workout for grappling and MMA?”

Here is our simple follow up to that post:

I honestly believe you guys hit it right on the head with your responses. Coach Billy Robinson told a story once about himself and Billy Riley engaging in a conversation about workouts. Coach Robinson asked Coach Riley “what sort of workouts should I be doing? Should I be lifting weights? Should I be running?” Billy Riley responded by asking;”are you a weightlifter? Are you a runner?” Coach Robinson responded with two no’s and says “I’m a wrestler.” Coach Riley then says “well get on the mats and wrestle then!”

The point I believe Coach Billy Riley was making is that you can do all sorts of exercise but the only way to mimic the exact conditioning you will need for your sport you are training for is to do it just as you would during the event itself, over and over.Another great point that you guys made is time constraints. Some of us have very long work days, multiple jobs, families, traveling jobs or are deploying on and off as military members.

Main point: It never hurts to work on strength and conditioning, but only once the groundwork is laid for the challenge that lies ahead. Great posts!

In the future we will still be throwing out workout examples and ideas ranging from Crossfit to Westside Barbell style training so keep an eye out for those.

Yours in fitness,
Coach Bane

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