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As a member of Team Snake Pit U.S.A., you will have access to the best Catch Wrestling techniques available 24/7. With online special technique, and student and coach level videos waiting for you in our member’s area, you will be able to study and review whenever your personal schedule allows.

NOTE: All Skill Level and Specialty DVDs are for personal use only. Unauthorized commercial usage or instructing any Snake Pit U.S.A. material without being formally recognized as an official Snake Pit U.S.A. Representative Coach is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the above will be prosecuted by the rules of court.  If you would like to become an Official Snake Pit U.S.A. Representative Coach/Affiliate location, and Instruct our curriculum and promote individuals in REAL Catch as Catch Can Wrestling please email us at:

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At Snake Pit U.S.A. we use a fair promotion system focusing on, and stressing strong fundamentals and precision technique. As you progress through the skill levels; Journeyman, Ripper, Shooter, Hooker and Assistant Coach you will have the opportunity to become a Catch as Catch Can Certified Coach and even start your own Snake Pit U.S.A. affiliate gym.

Catch Wrestling Certification/Skill Levels:
– Journeyman levels 1 & 2
– Ripper levels 1 & 2
– Shooter levels 1 & 2
– Hooker levels 1 & 2
– Assistant Coach levels 1 & 2
– Coach

GYMS/CLUBS Disclaimer: Gyms or Clubs cannot join through Bronze or Silver membership plans. Those memberships are designed for INDIVIDUALS ONLY. GOLD/AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP IS THE ONLY PERMITTED OPTION FOR GYM OR CLUB MEMBERSHIP.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of Shirt, Certificate and Decal etc. You must provide your shirt size on our “T-Shirt Size Form” located under the “Membership” drop down menu for us to ship your membership packages. 


Bronze Membership

$50.00 Annual

  • Personalized Snake Pit U.S.A. Membership Certificate
  • Snake Pit U.S.A. Members/Banner T-Shirt
  • Snake Pit U.S.A. official logo sticker


Silver Membership

$75.00 Annual

  • Full access to our “Members area” with an ever expanding library of High Definition members Videos: Over 120 HD videos!
  • Personalized Snake Pit U.S.A. Membership Certificate
  • Opportunity to Earn Skill Level Certification
  • Snake Pit U.S.A. Members/Banner T-Shirt
  • Snake Pit U.S.A. official logo/bumper sticker
  • Admission to the “Team Snake Pit U.S.A. official members Facebook page”
  • 10% off All Merchandise in “Members Shop” including seminar registration
  • FREE SPECIALTY DVD’s NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD in the Member’s section! $100+Value!


Gold Membership, Become an Snake Pit U.S.A. Affiliate School! 

Become an Official Catch as Catch Can Wrestling School & Representative Coach with Snake Pit U.S.A. TODAY!

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Get Started as a Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling School/Affiliate & Representative Coach Today !

If you are interested in becoming an Official Snake Pit U.S.A. Catch Wrestling School/Affiliate Gym/Representative Coach or just want more information on this exciting opportunity EMAIL US AT:


U.S NATIONAL AFFILIATION NOTICE: All United States based Snake Pit U.S.A. Affiliate/Representative Coaches, and those being promoted to the rank of “Assistant Coach” in the future will need to accomplish USA Wrestling’s “Copper Level” Wrestling Certification and provide proof of certificate before being considered for Affiliation. To become the rank of “Coach” you will need to complete the Bronze certification course. This will not only certify you to become a Snake Pit U.S.A. affiliate, but enable you to coach youth wrestling programs across the United States. Thank you. Note: This certification involves a quick background check with USA Wrestling at no additional cost.

Steps to Obtaining USA Wrestling’s Copper Level Wrestling Certification:

  • Join USA Wrestling at and complete the Coach’s membership application including background check.
  • Next go to the American Sport Education Program’s website at and register.
  • Go into the ASEP “Courses and Tests drop down menu and select “Shop for an online course. Purchase the online “Copper Certification”, Coaching Youth Wrestling, Third edition. BE SURE TO SELECT THE ONE THAT SAYS ‘COPPER CERTIFICATION’. There are 3 different Wrestling courses and only this one will satisfy this requirement AND THE USA Wrestling requirement to coach youth wrestling in the United States.
  • Upon completion of course, please scan and email a copy of your certificate to

All Snake Pit U.S.A membership (Bronze, Silver and Gold) sales are final for the agreed terms; Bronze 1 year, Silver 1 year and Gold 3 years. No Refunds will be given on membership sales.

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