Mixed Martial Arts

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What is the Snake Pit U.S.A.’s Mixed Martial Arts Program?

All Snake Pit U.S.A. programs build upon our Catch Wrestling foundation. Our Mixed Martial Arts Program is a refined curriculum that builds specifically upon Catch Wrestling techniques. We incorporate striking from Boxing, “Hybrid Muay Thai” & Savate and mix it with Catch as Catch Can Wrestling takedowns, ground control and submissions. This program is broken down into simple levels with easy to follow lessons and routines filmed in High Definition video.


Why should you choose Snake Pit U.S.A.’s Mixed Martial Arts Program?

  • Our program is built by fighters & coaches for fighters & coaches!
  • Our staff has decades of experience in both fighting & coaching all types of events.
  • School owners can dramatically increase income to their school by adding a legit MMA program to their schedule.
  • If you already have an MMA program, you can enhance it & breathe new life into it by adding the Snake Pit U.S.A. MMA curriculum.
  • Our lesson plans are detailed and easy to follow to purposely save you time and energy which of course means you save more money.
  • Fighters can take their MMA game to the next level using effective and proven techniques rarely seen in MMA today.
  • Learn how to add strikes & adapt your Catch Wrestling skills to the cage.
  • As you advance through our MMA program you will become proficient in all areas of fighting.
  • You will learn how to properly punch, knee & kick while maintaining a solid stance.
  • You will learn how to hit solid takedowns from any clinch or tie up, (on or off the cage) and finish fights with vicious submissions from any position.
  • Since Catch Wrestling focuses heavily on ground control and establishing dominant positions, our Mixed Martial Arts program is also very effective means of self defense.
  • There will be dozens of training videos in our member’s area soon!

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